• Trackovia Tracks your Competition

    Welcome to Trackovia’s official webpage! We are an online and offline digital tracking agency located in Middletown, NJ that focuses on local search engine optimization, social media optimization, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reputation marketing with email alerts, Presence Builder, Profile Sync Listing Distribution, Visibility Management, Review management Social Media Management. We at Trackovia is completely structured on your individual needs as our client. Trackovia's motto is See and be Seen!!

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  • Not Just Local SEO

    We do internet marketing the right way. With so many companies promising you the world these days, Trackovia offers real tangible results that help your business move to the top. Our SEO is always one hundred percent white hat SEO, and we offer the transparency to prove it. Our style of concept and creativity delivers the future of digital marketing to nearly all companies. Local SEO is advancing so fast as the go to local marketing platform for nearly every local and national business. We understand the need & offer local SEO marketing solutions for all of our clients with a spirit of honesty, dedication and excellence. Trackovia's motto is See and be Seen !!

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Manage Your Digital Shadow to enhance your customers experience.

Technologies are hard to keep up with in a life already filled with business demands. The time required to devote to website marketing and optimization can take you away from what you do best: growing your business. Trackovia was started by Chris Kailas with genuine longing to help businesses enhance their online profile. Never again lose a customer because of a poor review, incorrect listing or a weak social media presence. With a personalized snapshot of your "virtual doorway", you'll have the ultimate competitive advantage in your local marketplace.

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Power of Social Media Management

Social media has fast became the most important ways to connect with your preferred customers. Having said that, you can waste thousands of hours posting for yourself and still get undesired results. That’s why you should leave it to Trackovia, our aggressive team of Social Media Experts wanting to help you tame the social media beast.

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Reputation Management

It is not just our goal to get your brand noticed by potential customers, it is also about protecting your online presence from pseudo attacks. Our Reputation management team can help protect your name by a number of technical know how and help you with legal solution.

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Search Engine Optimization

With the SEO Optimized Themes, You get more traffic from Google. our SEO efforts only towards modern white hat methods that produce top notch results. We only work with one client in a niche area of business. This eradicates conflict of interest

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Presence Builder

At Trackovia we understand the ever pressing need to be relevant online. Never will Trackovia use poor or unethical business practices at any time. Everything your brand represents reflects on us as a company. Thank you for your consideration we hope we have earned your trust.